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A4E change log
28.02.23 Req. Sell price not populating under 'Margin Finder'
23.12.22 Req. Quickbar
23.12.22 Req. Alpha / Omega Filter for Manufacturing Profits
23.12.22 Req. contract prices and contract details are unable to bring any form of contracts no matter the filter settings.
23.12.22 Req. In Manufacturing profitability the opt% column is always 0
23.12.22 Req. Missing Stations from Market lists
23.12.22 Req. Margin Finder Data Not Updating
23.12.22 Req. Sell prices not populating in Margin Finder
23.12.22 Req. Margin Finder not retrieving sell price
23.12.22 Req. Sell Information Shows 0 in Margin Finder
23.12.22 Req. Website is Slow to Load
23.12.22 Req. margin finder
23.12.22 Req. Margin Finder doesnt display any items
04.04.21 Req. Daily price change trend NULL
04.04.21 Req. Ranking of the manufacturing profitability - "Rig engineering" missing
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A4E database statistics
Data typeRowsGBytes
Archive - Region prices235.017.24811,6
Archive - Station prices1.089.511.71544,3
Archive - Trade 2003 onwards275.237.9718,7
CCP market trade history16.504.1062,3
Contract items31.942.7004,0
Industry cost index history4.671.3960,2
Market orders - Current1.249.5720,6
Market prices region history39.632.6474,7
Market prices station history128.231.61712,4
Market tracker identified trades175.571.68924,0
Online player amount history380.2840,0
Structures identified24.2430,0
zKill attackers86.177.59611,3
zKill kill mail loot157.377.4615,0
zKill kill mails27.859.6574,6
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This site provides market, industrial and general statistical tools for the space sandbox MMO "EVE Online". If the site sparks interest for the game, feel free to use my referral link to support the page.

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Via the menu at the top, A4E provides a lot of market related tools and statistics to support EVE market traders and data scientists with a wealth of information to make informed choices. It provides access to a lot of spreadsheets and graphs, which certainly will be overwhelming at first but will hopefully save a lot of fellow players the time/effort to get these results via a self-built spreadsheet.

Furthermore there are several tools aimed at the Industrialist, may it be Planetary Interaction (PI), Manufacturing or Refining. The tools are intended to support to find lucrative markets, understand the supply chain and optimize the industrial workflow for maximum profit.

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If you want to motivate me to keep expanding this site or just want to say "Thank you", feel free to become a Patreon or send me an ETH tip on 0x88d972B6fc4Dd3F075B5C27B601148db83d34532.
Even without I'm always keen on getting feedback or to answer questions, thus don't hold back!

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